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*-* Fusion splicer - sumitomo - splicer sumitomo z1c *-*
Fusion splicing is the act of combining two optical fibers from end to end using heat. The goal is to unite the two fibers together in such a way that the light that passes through the fiber is not spread or reflected back by the splice, and so the splice and the surrounding area are almost as strong as the intact fibers. Splicer is one of the smart machines in electronic technology. One type is SPLICER SUMITOMO Z1C.
The sumitomo z1c splicer has a heating cycle time of only Approx.28 seconds (60mm Fiber protective sleeve) and the splice cycle is only around Approx.7 seconds (Fast mode), the Z1C dramatically increases efficiency and connection productivity, reducing time and labor costs while increasing project and customer service. The 4.1-inch Z1C LCD monitor with touch screen operation makes it possible to confirm fiber images easily. Splicer can be operated by touching the icon on the screen. Work efficiency has increased. Z1C has environmental protection equivalent to IP52 water and dust resistance. Also has anti-shock rubber around the engine to protect the splicer from falling.
All of our items have an official warranty of 1 year.
We are also engaged in service, calibration, and rental in a variety of measuring instruments and fiber optic connectors. Our engineers have become experts in repairs. Almost all brands and types.

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